Graphics for print to be used for scientific and/or public outreach, or simply science-related decoration.

Rock cycle

The cycle of rocks as it was presented by James Hutton already 200 years ago.

Climate change tipping points

Potential climate tipping points where rising global atmospheric temperatures could cause irreversible change to the Earth system.

Elementary particles

Colour-blind friendly representation of the standard model of elementary particles.

Atmospheric CO2 concentration art

No time to waste: Globally averaged concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere for the time period 803’719 BCE – today.

Planetary spheres art

100-km depth contours outline the basic radial compositional structure of the planetary interiors of Earth, Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

Surface topography cross-section art

The global bedrock relief model of the Earth’s surface along the equator integrating land topography and ocean bathymetry reveals the vastness of the ocean depths.

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