Subduction zone initiation statistics

The number of subduction-zone initiation (SZI) events that fulfil specific aspects versus the total number of 13 SZI events from the SZI Database (Crameri et al. 2020) diagnosed.

Subduction zone initiation events

Some of the subduction-zone initiation (SZI) events that occurred during the last 120 million years indicated in space and time according to the SZI Database by Crameri et al. (2020).

Subduction zone initiation reconstructions

Subduction zone initiation (SZI) reconstructions for selected events since around 100 Ma. The reconstructed events are based on the whole Earth Sciences community point-of-view of the SZI database.

Puysegur trench formation

A schematic highlighting the formation of the Puysegur trench, New Zealand, where subduction zone initiation may be both horizontally and then vertically driven, according to a 4D evolution model of this margin.

Subduction zone initiation types

Illustration of the three types of subduction zone initiation (SZI) events, namely Newly destructive, Episodic subduction, and Polarity reversal.

Subduction zone initiation forcing

Illustration of the two endmember forcing states, namely vertically and horizontally driven, characterising subduction zone initiation (SZI).

Plume-induced subduction

Temporal evolution of subduction initiation in a global, 3-D spherical numerical experiment showing the cold plates and hot mantle plumes.

SZI geologic evidence

Schematic illustration of the emplacement of subduction zone initiation (SZI)-typical rock evidence during SZI, and a typical SZI ophiolite sequence.

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