“Freehand” drawings to portray certain concepts qualitatively. Instead of directly representing data, they are visualising the current knowledge.

UK Wintertime multi-hazard risk

Illustration of plausible effects when the activity of hazard(s) switches between climatologically controlled modes of behaviour, based on Great Britain.

Earth’s magnetic field (overview)

Schematics outlining key elements of the Earth’s magnetic field that is produced in the hot, liquid Outer Core, varies in strength, and even reverses multiple times through the planet’s evolution.

Planetary spheres

Planetary interiors represented by 100-km depth contours outlining the basic compositional structure.

Earth’s mantle heterogeneity theories

Conceptual model sketches for proposed compositional structures of Earth's mantle, including "Marble cake", "Thermo-chemical piles", and "Mid-mantle blobs" theories.

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