Kinematical descriptions for a compressed upper-mantle geodynamic numerical model setup.

Examples of two-dimensional domain and material discretisation. The domain discretisation in the left-hand side column Kinematical descriptions for a compressed upper-mantle model setup. The left column shows the undeformed, initial model setups and the right column shows the deformed model after a certain amount of model time has passed. In the Eulerian kinematical description the computational mesh is fixed and the generated positive topography is accommodated by implementing a layer of sticky air above the crust. When an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian approach is used, the domain width is often kept constant in geodynamic applications, such that the mesh only deforms vertically to accommodate the topography. In the Lagrangian formulation, the mesh deforms with the velocity computed on its nodes.

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  • This version: 12.11.2021
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  • Specific citation: This graphic by Fabio Crameri from van Zelst et al. (2021) is available via the open-access repository.
  • Related reference: van Zelst, I., F. Crameri, A.E. Pusok, A.C. Glerum, J. Dannberg, C. Thieulot (2022), 101 geodynamic modelling: how to design, interpret, and communicate numerical studies of the solid Earth, Solid Earth, 13, 583–637, doi:10.5194/se-13-583-2022
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