Seismic hazard

Seismic hazard maps presenting the level of certain ground motions that have a 10% chance of exceedance (or a 90% chance of non-exceedance) during a 50-year time span (corresponding to a return period of 475 years). The seismic hazard data shown from Giardini et al. (2003) describes the peak ground acceleration.

  • Creator: Fabio Crameri
  • This version: 15.12.2021
  • License: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
  • Specific citation: This graphic by Fabio Crameri is available via the open-access s-Ink repository.
  • Related reference: Giardini, D., Grünthal, G., Shedlock, K. M. and Zhang, P.: The GSHAP Global Seismic Hazard Map. In: Lee, W., Kanamori, H., Jennings, P. and Kisslinger, C. (eds.): International Handbook of Earthquake & Engineering Seismology, International Geophysics Series 81 B, Academic Press, Amsterdam, 1233-1239, 2003.
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